What is a virtual challenge and how does it work?  
You have the entire month of October to walk, run or relay the distance of the virtual course you select. Register on this website, then track your mileage through RunSignup as you go. Once you've reached your course distance, the challenge is complete. Keep in mind that the virtual courses aren't the actual routes to take in person — but if you complete the challenge, it’s as if you trekked the distance between some of Hawaii Island’s most meaningful places.  

When does the challenge take place?

Oct. 1-31, 2022 

Can you bike or swim this year? 

To be more inclusive this year, we are focusing on walk/run. We hope you enjoy exploring Hawai`i Island! 
Do I need to complete the challenge on Hawaii Island? 
You can complete the Holoholo Challenge anywhere. The courses are themed after Hawaii Island, but they’re virtual so you can complete the mileage at your own pace wherever you’re located. 
How do I submit my miles? 
You’re welcome to use any fitness app or system to track your mileage. To submit your miles, follow these steps: 
Once you complete a segment, click the Results tab on our RunSignup website. 
Select the “Submit Virtual Results” button at the top of the screen. 
Search for your name among the registered participants — type either your first or last name, email address or date of birth. 
Next to your name, select “Submit Virtual Results.” 
Enter in the time and distance you ran or walked, then select “Submit Activity.” Please note that no other mileage activity (i.e. biking or swimming) will be accepted, as this year’s challenge only features walking or running. 
The RunSignup system will record your progress and show your activity timeline. For additional information about ways to submit your results, view the RunSignup help page. 
HOW IT WORKS https://youtu.be/ms-1MVhHVLU
Do I need to download the RunSignup app? 
There’s no need to download the RunSignup app to track your results. You can log your miles on our RunSignup website during the entire month of October. We recommend submitting your results after each activity (so you don’t forget). 
Can I change my virtual course after completing registration? 
No, you will not be able to change your course after completing registration. 
Can I change my apparel choice after completing registration? 
Due to production times and our ability to accurately manage race package orders, you will not be able to change your apparel choice or shirt size after completing registration. 
When should I expect my race package? 
Race packages will be mailed by the end of the year. All participants will receive: 
Official entry to Holoholo Challenge 2022 
2022 commemorative Holoholo Challenge medal 
One branded apparel item (your choice of a shirt, tank or long-sleeve hoodie) 
A limited-edition postcard by POW! WOW! artist Aaron Kai 
Will I need to submit my results to receive a medal? 
Yes, you need to submit your results on RunSignup to receive a race package, which includes the Holoholo Challenge medal. However, you do not need to complete every mile of your course — all participants with submitted results will receive a race package.  
Are there additional shipping costs for non-U.S. addresses? 
Yes, there is an additional international shipping charge of $15 for each participant with an address outside of the U.S. The Holoholo Challenge race package is mailed in a box that contains an event medal, shirt and limited-edition postcard by POW! WOW! artist Aaron Kai. Race packages are shipped by the end of the year. 
How do I join a group/team for the Holoholo Challenge? 
If you already registered and would like to join a team (which is different than a relay), please follow the steps below:  
Go to your profile on the RunSignup website 
Navigate to the Upcoming Events section and select “Manage Registration” 
Click “Group/Team” on the right-hand side of the menu bar  
From the pop-up window, select “Join Existing Team” and either use the dropdown menu to choose an existing team or search for a team 
Once you find the team of your interest, click “Update Team” to join; you can only join one team 
Can group/team members choose different virtual courses? 
Group/team members can select any virtual course. They do not need to all take the same course. 
Does each participant complete the virtual course individually? 
For two of the three courses in Holoholo Challenge 2022, each participant must complete the distance by themselves, and mileage will not be counted cumulatively as a team.  The relay course is a collective effort in which up to four people contribute to the mileage of a team.  
How does the relay course work? 
The relay is an opportunity for up to four friends to collect miles together. With a team of up to four people, take the 125-mile route as a relay, each running or walking to combine your miles together. To set your team, designate a person to register the relay team under “Manage Registration,” then click “Group/Team.” We recommend setting a password for your Group/Team. The other members will then search for your Group/Team name to join. When the challenge begins, each person’s logged miles will go to the team total. 
Where is the race bib? 
You can find your virtual race bib in the registration confirmation email or in your RunSignup profile by clicking the View Pre-Race Bib link under Upcoming Events. Or you can access it via the Digital Bib tab on your Registration Management page. We won’t blame you if seeing the race bib inspires you to print it and wear it on your runs around the neighborhood.  
Can I participate in multiple events? 
Yes, you can participate in two or more courses of the Holoholo Challenge — you could even do all three of them. To do so, you will need to register and pay for each event separately. (You’ll also get a matching race package for each race you register for.) Remember to track your miles in the right event as you go. 
If I participated in the referral program, when will I receive my HawaiianMiles? 
For registrants who refer three or more people to qualify for the referral program, you'll receive your HawaiianMiles via an award letter within two weeks after the end of the challenge. Please note that the award letter can be deposited into a HawaiianMiles account of your choice. You can use the miles whenever you like, because HawaiianMiles never expire. 
How can I donate to the charity? 
You’re invited to make a donation through Oct. 31, 2022, by clicking here. This year, the Holoholo Challenge is raising money for Friends of Hakalau Forest National Wildlife Refuge. Please note that donations are optional, but always appreciated. 
How can I connect with other runners participating in the challenge? 
Feel free to join our Holoholo Challenge Facebook Group to stay up to date with event happenings and connect with others in the community. Here, participants can post their progress and encourage each other throughout the challenge. 
Can I get a refund or transfer my registration? 
This challenge is non-refundable and non-transferrable. 
Additional questions? 
If you have any additional questions not answered above, please email us at HoloholoChallenge@hawaiianair.com. 

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